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               Welcome to Jerry's Cadillac!


July 28th, 1970.  Come Out Our Way and Trade Your Way.  Over 40 years ago, Jerry Durant used this simple phrase as the foundation for his business. Of course, when Jerry coined the phrase—and the idea—there wasn’t much out “our way” besides some run-down homes on a barren stretch of interstate somewhere between where you were and where you wanted to go.

Today, thanks in large part to Jerry’s real estate investments and his service on school board, education, and economic councils, this community has transformed into a thriving commercial and residential area.

From one acre to forty four; from one brand to eight; twenty-five employees to more than 350; a few hundred sales per year to more than 9,000; from “on the lot” to on-line. . . that's change, and we embrace it. But some things will never change, like our foundation. No matter how much we grow or how different our showrooms look, we'll always be somewhere in between where you are and where you want to go. And we'd love to help you get there. So, Come Out Our Way and Trade Your Way.



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